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Kotitschke & Heurung Partnerschaft mbB Patent Attorney Munich

Patent Attorney Munich

Patent Attorney

A patent attorney is helping his clients in determining whether an invention is new and innovative and therefore can be patented. To obtain a patent, those lawyers will use the disciplines law, science, and langauage to get a patent for companies and individuals. Once the patent is granted, a patent attorney will enforce the inventor's rights if the patent is infringed.

Legal consultant for individuals and corporations

The government is granting patents to inventors and give rights to them to prevent others from copying or using their invention for up to 20 years. Mostly patent attorneys are working for private companies, while the rest is employed by large manufacturing corporations of various industries, or with the government in different departments.

Skilled legal advice

A patent attorney is also well trained widely on large scale of intellectual property rights. Usually he will be able to advise on great number of related issues. They enjoy the same rights as a barrister or a solicitor does and acts as an advocate in Patent Court. When a patent attorney is known as a patent agent, he will only be allowed to use this protected title after he passes some qualifying exams. Before he can't add his name to statutory Register of Patent Attorneys.

Characteristic work activities

Largely the nature of an patent attorney's work depends if he is advising private clients or he is employed by corporations to protect their interests and products. In general he will be discussing processes and inventions with producers whether their inventions can be succesfully being granted patents. A patent attorney is able to study and analize technical or scientific documents and can assess an invention in innovative and new. He will be writing descriptions of inventions in detail in accurate legal terms for a patent draft. As a patent attorney he can make suggestions for extensions or modifications to the defination of inventions. His work includes to apply for patents and presenting complicated technical arguments in front of the Intellectual Property Office and the European patent Office. Work of a patent attorney is to prepare replying reports from patent examiners, and to make sure that renewal and application deadlines are met. He has to work with solicitiors and barristers to enforce and defend patents. A patent attorney will give advise and instructions on business activities if they will infringe on someone else's patent rights.



Kotitschke & Heurung Partnerschaft mbB
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